Saturday, February 21, 2009

Been Awhile

So, I guess I'm not the most dedicated blogger but I'm back!

The past month has been pretty busy I must say. There's been lot's of progress with my big move. If all goes well, I should have my US visa March 18th! I'm hoping to move by the end of June if all goes as planned. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter of my life...

Last week we met with my priest to book our wedding at the church. It was a really enlightening experience. It made me realize just how amazing marrying the person you love with all your heart really is. It's not about the dress or the venue or the food or the pictures... it's about the love that we share and the rest of our lives together as a family. Each day is going to be a new lesson and some days will probably be easier than others. But ultimately, I know that I could never live without Robin. We're so much the same, yet so different. We can tell each other anything and everything and we do. We share the same love for food and cruises... and most of all we both share the same faith and values. I know that this will help us through our good times, our tough times and everything in between.

With that I've realized that I need to attend church more and really get back into my faith. I also want to be a better person overall. Be less wasteful, save money for our future together and be disciplined to stay organized and continue living a healthy lifestyle.

The priest made a really good point about how going to church is about more than just going to church. It's about being disciplined and having faith in life. I know this isn't really a topic that a lot of people believe or whatever, and to each their own. But, I do agree with him, that when we are more disciplined in our lives and keep the faith, we are all better people and lead fulfilling lives.

Anyways, I think that's enough out of me for one day. Thanks for listening and remember to keep the faith... whatever faith that may be <3