Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

I'm stealing this idea from another blog I read. I think it's just ten random things... but if I'm wrong, please let me know!

1. Today I realized that in 4 sleeps I'll be a resident of the United States. That's not a lot of sleeps.

2. I'm half done my packing. But I only have space for 10 more pounds of stuff in my luggage. I've already packed 1 bag at 70 pounds, 1 bag at 50 pounds and 1 bag at like 40 pounds... yeah that doesn't add up...haha.. I think i do some more purging.

3. So this is probably like 90% of my clothes.

4. Tonight I went out for dinner with my Mom, Dad, brother, sister, nephew, Uncle Gene, Aunt Silvia, Auntie Lina and Steve. It was a lot of fun and very delicious. I'm going to miss my family, if I haven't mentioned that already!

5. These are all the shoes I'm taking. I packed all my shoes in my carry on so they wouldn't take up all the weight of my luggage (smart, right?) If I loose all my luggage, at least I'll have all my fabulous shoes, LOL. (Yes, I own crocs)

6. The garbage bag is full of clothes I'm not keeping. Hopefully somebody out there will enjoy them.

7. In exactly one week today, I'll be married. Crazy.

8. Wow this is actually really hard to fill out.

9. When I was a baby I received a troy ounce of gold. It's now worth more than it's been worth in a very long time (or possible ever) and so I think I'm going to cash it in to buy furniture! I keep forgetting I own it, so I might as well!

10. The end.

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